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Go Play In The Sand With This Bad-Ass Lady Racer

“When I ride, it just feels like everything else washes away. Nothing is important other that what I’m doing, right there. That’s just the best feeling ever, that feeling of freedom from everything.” The hero of this story is Dana Miskulnig, born and raised in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She is 25 years …


Jakusa Designs Makes The VMAX Badass Again

Introduced in 1985, Yamaha’s V-Max is a legend in the motorcycling world. The V4 engine, shaft drive, and futuristic styling positioned the V-Max as the performance alternative within cruiser circles. In 2009, the company reintroduced the model as the VMAX and equipped it with an updated 1,679cc, 65-degree engine. While Yamaha continued to improve the …