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Kawasaki Teases Supercharged Z Model

Don’t Miss Stories on Kawasaki Europe dropped a video teasing a new Z model – and it’s supercharged! The brief 11-second video doesn’t offer much detail, starting with a close-up of a CGI impeller that quickly begins spinning as a green “Z” logo appears. The intention is clear, however: Kawasaki is adding a naked …


Turn Your Kawasaki Z900 Into A Super Hot ZX-7R

If you have always loved the looks of the early Kawasaki ZX-7R, and honestly, who didn’t, we have excellent news for you. It requires that you purchase or already own a modern Kawasaki Z900, but you were going to do that anyway right? A Spanish company called Japan Legends has created a fairing kit to …


2019 Kawasaki Z400: Pros And Cons

As we expected following the introduction of the new Ninja 400 last year, its naked counterpart wasn’t far behind. True enough, Kawasaki unveiled the upgraded Z400 for 2019.  We had the chance to take the baby Z out for a proper spin and see just how well it fared compared to the Ninja but also …


2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R: Everything We Know

Kawasaki is jealously guarding its share of the sportbike segment with its continuously improving lineup of Ninjas. For 2019, Team Green not only introduced a small selection of entirely new models, namely the Z400 and the W800, but also gave some of its sportier offerings a little upgrade. The Ninja ZX-6R, ZX-10R, and H2 received …